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Ricky Manning Jr. To Be Traded, No Surprise

Based on observation and surprising no one, Bears CB Ricky Manning Jr, currently in depth chart abyss is likely to be on the trading block once training camp starts.

He wasn't even involved in the nickel package during the offseason program and was running third on the depth chart, doing more watching than participating. Barring a major change, it's expected Manning will be on the trading block when training camp opens. He's a veteran with starting experience who has proven to be durable. He's handling the situation well and seems open to the idea of a change of scenery. Manning is probably best suited for a team that doesn't play cover two and is best in man-to-man coverage. If the Bears stay healthy in the secondary, he could find a new home in August.

Again this move surprises no one and really does not affect anything unless CBs go down after he is traded.