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Kevin Jones Visiting Chicago

Although initially not showing any interest in former Detroit Lions runner Kevin Jones, the Bears seem to now have the interest.

Apparently, the Bears are curious enough to take a good look at the ex-Lions running back, a former first-round draft pick who believes he can return to 1,000-yard form after two serious injuries the last two seasons.

NFL sources said Jones was to take a physical and visit Halas Hall on Tuesday, one week before the Bears open training camp.

The big hold up is Jones' knee.  If he passes physical, then I think he can be a useful addition.  We don't know what we have in Matt Forte.  We hope we have our franchise back, but we don't know.  If he can't get the job done, it would be a luxury to have another running back with some time in the league.

Jones has never had a great season, but with injuries and being on an awful Lions team his whole career did not help that.

Not contract has been offered so far.

Maybe the Bears feigned interest early on to see what the market was.  Once only 4 teams showed interest and none of them signed him they figured they could get a deal more to their liking if they decided to pursue that route.