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Kevin Jones, Working Hard

A lot has been floating about the internet about whether and when Kevin Jones would be available.  We still don't know, but by reading this it looks like he isn't all that far off.

Jones works out with Ping six days a week in Saline. He does martial arts training Mondays and Wednesdays. He uses hydraulic machines Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He uses free weights Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He also runs and swims.


Jones, Stokes and Sherrell used the hydraulic machines in Ping’s basement. It looked like a scene out of a “Rocky” movie, as they sweated and grunted with plain lightbulbs overhead, cement and spare pieces of carpet under their feet, and typical basement stuff all around – bags of fertilizer, a dusty wine rack, mementos. Jones pushed his knee hard as music blared from an old stereo.

Afterward, Jones sat on a table and received heat acupunture. Ping puts his hand over a flame in a small box, then puts his hand on Jones' knee. Jones describes the feeling as a hot needle pinpointing his problem area.

Then Jones, Stokes and Sherrell went outside to an adjacent golf course. They did some jogging. They sprinted uphill. They burst up a pair of small hills – tee boxes – in a tougher version of the 40-yard dash.

There are some short videos attached to the post showing his manuerability and another one showing him hitting the hydraulic machine.