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Chris Williams About To Sign

While the Bears have made some questionable moves concerning Free Agency and bolstering our offense, they have been trying to make ammends in recent weeks.  They have rid themselves of a potential locker room cancer (Benson), the have found a low risk - high reward replacement (Jones), they have been working hard toward getting everybody the contracts they want and/or deserve and with the exception of first rounder Chris Williams they have gotten all draft picks signed before training camp.

It looks like they are about to take care of that last one though.  The Bears and first round pick Chris Williams are close to signing a deal.  The deal is expected to be a 5-year deal with 9 million in up front money.

His agent, Bill Johnson, is working out the contract language with Bears negotiator Cliff Stein. And it appears the two sides are getting closer.

"We have exchanged dialogue and proposals," Johnson said Thursday. "I respect the Bears' diligence in working toward a timely resolution, particularly with training camp right around the corner."