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Grossman = Orton = A Load of Nothing?

So, we all know this is the big question to be answered this training camp.  Who is going to be our starting QB?

I have heard good and not so good arguements for both, but my biggest issue is what if it isn't either of them?

The way we hear it, neither Rex Grossman nor Kyle Orton did anything in the Bears’ minicamps and OTAs to gain any kind of edge in their battle for the starting QB job this coming season.

Here's the thing.  The Bears are practically giving away the position.  They are begging for one of these guys to step up and be the guy.  Maybe they have a preference towards Grossman, but if Orton came in and took over the spot, I think they would have no problem giving him it.  Both of these guys should be doing every thing they can at every chance they get to try to impress, but if this report is true neither is doing that.  So maybe they don't really have it in them. 

And if neither of them is the guy, who is?  Is Chris Simms really our backup plan?