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Hester's and Forte's Expectations and More

This writer thinks that if Devin Hester can play half the Bears offensive snaps it will not take away from his return capabilities.  That's great, but the Bears seem intent on him being their number 1 receiver, would that take away from his returns?

The only concern is injury, but a team as deficient in playmakers as the Bears cannot afford to let that prevent them from using Hester in the passing game. If he plays half the offensive snaps, a realistic goal this year, then he still should have enough energy to return kickoffs and punts. He's a football player, tough-minded and willing to exert himself, and to remove Hester from a job returning kicks and punts that he does historically well would be a mistake. Finding a way to get Hester to multitask is the coaching staff's obligation.

The One Not To Be Named is backing Kyle Orton.  I guess that means Rex is our guy.

Mark Bradley's availability for the start of training camp is still up in the air.

At the time, the club announced he was questionable for the start of training camp. For his part, Bradley vowed he would be ready when things kicked off. It's fair to say it is important for Bradley to be involved early. He was essentially handed a starting job after Bernard Berrian set sail for Minnesota in free agency and Muhsin Muhammad was released. But after making just six receptions last season, and really being only marginally involved because of injuries since his rookie season in 2005, Bradley doesn't have much room for error.

2008 Preview, including Matt Forte facing plenty of 8 man fronts.