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Brian Urlacher Back In the Fold

The one topic that looked to eclipse our QB situation heading into training camp was that of MLB Brian Urlacher.  Urlacher wants more money, even more than the healthy sum the Bears offered him in a one year extension offered earlier.  Having heard no news most assumed this issue would spill over into camp, but the Bears and Urlacher have agreed to terms.

The deal will extend Urlacher through the 2012 season assuming he is still playing and the Bears have to released him.

Terms of the deal state that Urlacher will receive a 6 million signing bonus and his base pay will be raises 1 million in each season.  The 2012 season will be worth 7.5 million plus the possibility of a 750,000 workout bonus.

When healthy Urlacher is as dominant a figure at the linebacker spot as there is, but with issues concerning possible injuries with his neck and back and his untimely asking of a new contract have made some sour on Urlacher as the face of the franchise and have instead shifted it to Tommie Harris.  Urlacher is still the most recognizable face on this team and despite being oft called overrated, most overlook his presence dropping back into coverage instead focusing on his sack and int numbers, but facts are facts when he is healthy and in the game the Bears are a significantly better team than without him.