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Hester and Lloyd Get the #1 Nods

Bears offensive coordinator, Ron Turner, has stated that Devin Hester and Brandon Lloyd will open training camp at the reciever spots with the first team offense.

Currently neither is listed as the #1 recevier and considering the group we have at recevier, it is anybodys guess who will end up holding those spots.

``At all the positions right now, I'm not going to tell you who they are,'' Smith said of his top secret depth chart. ``We're going to go out on the football field and play and once we feel like everyone needs to know, we'll let you know then. If I know it a little bit earlier am I going to tell you, no.''

In other training camp news.  The Bears have opted for a coin toss to decide who will open with the first team at QB.  This is a typical method used by teams.

Also, to save the legs of Robbie Gould and Brad Maynard, punter Zac Atterberry, will be handling a lot of the punting and place kicking during training camp.