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This Guy Gets It?

A lot has been put into our QB situation, rightly so, but some might call it overkill.

This is a post of what each team is hoping for in training camp and as much as it kills me to say a guy with the name of Lombardi is right, he is.

For Chicago ... The return of the play of their defensive line from the 2006 season. Forget giving them a legitimate quarterback. It's Chicago, it's the Bears -- they win with defense and the kicking game. The Bears will just need no mistakes from their quarterbacks.

Naturally given the choice between a great QB or a bad QB, we take the great one, but I for one would take a solid run game, great defense and special teams over a high octane offense and a sieve at defense every day.  Of course that is just preference, but I dare say many Bears fans would agree if only because it is what we are used to having.