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Berrian's Departure May Have Been A Blessing For Briggs

This one has been making the rounds this morning, but in case some of you haven't seen it, there is a report talking about some free agent signings this off season.

Based off of a Jerry Angelo interview the Bears had resigned to a potentail situation of either Bernard Berrian or Lance Briggs.  They were not giving up on either, but had Berrian signed the reported 5-year approximately 30 million dollar contract, they were not sure they'd be able to sign Lance Briggs.

''It would have been Berrian or Briggs,'' Angelo said. ''We made a decision. We tried to do Bernard; didn't work. It's not to say we couldn't have done Lance, but it made it easier.''

How you feel about this goes to your philosophy on football.  Some would look at this as bad thing, we have a bad offense and we let our most dangerous threat get away.  Others would see this from the stand point of be great on one side of the football and you will always be in the hunt.