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Hester's Contract Helps Knock Green Bay

You remember Ryan Grant right?  That rookie that came out of know where for the Green Bay Packers to help them go to the playoffs.  The same Ryan Grant who after a couple of fumbles ran for 201 yards and 3TDs to lift the Pack over the Seahawks and take them to the conference finals last year.  The same Ryan Grant who ran for 956 yards and 8 TDs starting in 7 games.  You remember him?

Apparently Green Bay doesn't because they are seriously low balling him.  According to this the Packers aren't giving up the goods:

...was offered a six-year contract that pretty much asks him to prove himself again. According to his agent, Alan Herman, the Packers are only willing to give Grant a $1.75 million signing bonus and a $370,000 base salary on a six-year deal.

What does this have to do with Hester?  Well, if you look at Hester's contract we are rewarding him for what he has done, but also  putting something in place that will pay him like a #1 receiver if he ever becomes a #1 receiver.  So for all intents and purposes we are paying for potential.  The Packers don't seem to be willing to pay for either.  Hester's contract just helps highlight the problem. 

And some wonder why Favre has problems with Green Bay Management.