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Rex Grossman Winning the Battle

Only a few days into camp, but already Rex Grossman is putting some space between Kyle Orton and himself.  Looking at this report from camp:

Kyle Orton

And on Friday, Orton had a very rough day. What made it even worse was that he worked with the second team, a defense made up of backups at this point, and they had no trouble keeping Orton out of rhythm. He fumbled a snap exchange and lost it, and was picked off twice by Trumain McBride and backup safety Kevin Payne.

Rex Grossman

Grossman, on the other hand, seems only to be getting better with each snap of the ball. On the first day, while he did throw an INT, his passes were far more threatening and crisp than Orton's. He completed four deep passes, one for an easy TD, and worked the short game just as well if not better than Orton.

It is still early and Orton can still get back in the game.  Either way I would like to hope this isn't just Grossman teasing us again.