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All Favre, All The Time

Why is it the Chicago Bears are in the middle of training camp yet the only thing anyboyd wants to talk to them about is Brett Favre.  Let's run through this.

Urlacher on Favre:

"Nothing surprises me at this point. They're probably just trying to get rid of him," Urlacher said. "They don't want him there, obviously. So I think they'll take whatever's the best offer.

"Too much has to happen for him to come here. I don't see it ever happening. If it does, we have a Hall-of-Fame quarterback playing for us. If not, we have two good quarterbacks as it is."

Lovie Smith on Favre:

"No reaction, doesn't affect us," Smith said. "We have our quarterbacks. I'm not going to talk about somebody else's players. … If you want to talk about our quarterbacks, I can talk about them. But that's about it."

Kyle Orton on Favre:

"I haven't paid attention to it one bit because I have enough to worry about," Orton said.

"Every organization makes moves to try and better the team. If [Favre] happens, I guess it happens."

Rex Grossman on Favre:

"It's hard to escape because you hear [Brett] Favre this, Favre that," the Bears quarterback said Thursday afternoon. "I try not to pay attention because I don't really care. ... Ever since I got pulled last year, I've tried to worry about everything I can control and nothing else."

Ron Turner on Favre:

''Not right now,'' Turner said when asked if he could envision the future Hall of Famer in a Bears uniform this season. ''Not with what we have. I like our quarterbacks. That's not to say he's not a great player. He's one of the greatest players of all time. I love watching him.

''Not at this time and in this situation. We've got two good quarterbacks.''

And of course the media telling everybody the Bears are stupid for not wanting Favre:


It's incomprehensible to think the Bears couldn't use Favre. They've needed a guy like Favre since Sid Luckman retired 58 years ago. They'd need Favre if he were 58. How absurd to suggest the only thing wrong with Favre is his timing. Pity he wasn't available five or six years ago instead of Kordell Stewart or Chris Chandler.