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John Lynch Not On The Radar

Maybe the Bears are excited about the play so far of their young players or maybe they think Mike Brown will definitely make it through the year, but despite their respect for him they aren't planning on looking at signing safety John Lynch.

''We're OK right now with what we have,'' Smith said. ''I think the world of John Lynch. You're talking about a player who plays the same way always. One of the toughest guys you'll be around. But we're going in a different direction. We have healthy guys that we feel pretty good about.''

This is similar to the Adam Archuleta signing.  And when I say that I do not mean to compare Lynch to Arch Deluxe since one of them is actually a good player, but only to say that this would just be patching a whole.  Lynch may end up playing another 5 years, he also may only play 1 more.

If Brown goes down and the younger guys can't carry the load then maybe you look at Lynch, but he will probably find a team by then.