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Urlacher Says Defense Is Just Fine

The Kansas City Chiefs started getting a little love for their offense after a first quarter scoring drive against the Bears in their pre season match up last week.  The Bears defense though has taken a few knocks in the media.  Bears MLB Brian Urlacher assures everybody there is nothing to worry about.

"Players don't put too much stock into the preseason. At least I don't," Urlacher said. "After these four [exhibitions] are over, we're all 0-0 again."

That being said, Urlacher said the defense should have performed better, particularly on Kansas City's initial series. Remember, the Chiefs went 81 yards in 16 plays while consuming almost nine minutes.

"We weren't very aggressive," Urlacher said. "We weren't getting downhill. We missed tackles, had mental errors … all that stuff.

"You could say it was the first game, but all our guys have been in this defense for five years. There's no reason to make those mistakes."

Of all the positions we have to worry about this pre season, I think the defense is one we don't.   Just get to regular season healthy and we will be fine.