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Bears Fall To Seahawks In OT, 29-26

Somewhere some team is watching The Waterboy and has a great idea. Let's get a quick lead then just down the ball, so we don't have to mess with the defense or special teams.

Rex Grossman got his big start and threw 9/15 for 74 yards and an INT.

Kyle Orton combated those massive numbers by going 5/9 for 43 yards.

Rookie Matt Forte racked up an amazing 2.4 yard per carry average on 17 yards on 7 carries.

While I don't let them off the hook, what it does mean is our offensive line sucks.  Right now Jerry Angelo shouldn't be on the phone with any particular free agent linemen, he needs to be on the phone with all free agent linemen.  He needs to bring 20 guys into camp and beg for somebody to block.

The defense, obviously still not completely into it, at least looked a little more active and were moving around a bit.  They tallied 3 INTs and 3 sacks.

The return game looked good.  On 5 kickoffs the Bears return men tallied 105 yards and on rookie Earl Bennett's sole punt return he took it 75 yards.

What are your thoughts?