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Bears Still Have No QB

I am sure the boys upstairs will find a way to spin it to make it sound not all that bad, but sadly the Bears don't have a QB, because neither of them is playing very well.

"We'll evaluate all of that." Smith said. "We had made a decision how we were going to start the first two games, and that's about as far as we've gone."

Smith's evaluation of Grossman's start vs. Seattle didn't seem to bode well, nor did Grossman's passer rating of 44.9, which included an intentional grounding penalty.

The Bears' first-team offense failed to score under Grossman, and although there were others to blame, the most glaring light was cast on the quarterback.

"We didn't play good as an offense as a whole," Smith said. "I'm not really pleased with what many of our offensive guys did early. We didn't get a lot done. Rex was a part of that."

At this point I am struggling to find a reason in any of them that says they are worth the effort.  And while third string QB, Caleb Hanie's success has come against weaker defenses and I know he wouldn't fair as well if he started I am enticed to say let him start at least, so I have somebody different to complain about.