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Bears Got It Right With Orton, Is Tait's Age an Issue?

Now that we have a starter the internet is a safer place to be.  Most journalists and critics agree the Bears made the correct call.

He is the right quarterback for this Bears team because they can't afford a passer who will lose the game. Orton might not win as many games as Grossman could, but he won't lose as many.

Orton has become a much different player than he was in college. Then, he was willing to take more chances. He played with more of a gunslinger mentality. Now it looks as if he has been neutered by his offense and the circumstances surrounding his team. He is doing what he has to do to survive. But as he gains experience and increased confidence, there is no reason he cannot become a bolder passer.

Is part of the Bears offensive line problems the fact that age is catching up with John Tait?

Tait, 33, arrived at training camp as "The Assumption," the player whose consistency was considered a given because of his experience, ability and commitment. That might be why Saturday night's setback at Seattle that Tait acknowledged, a showing punctuated when Darryl Tapp zipped by him to force a Rex Grossman interception, was so startling.