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Will Bernard Berrian Signing Be Bad for the Vikings?

This coming from Fanball.

Bernard Berrian told KFAN's Dan Barreiro Monday that the toe injury that kept him out of last week's preseason game is similar to turf toe and is something he dealt with last season while with the Bears, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The receiver said he isn't sure if he'll play this Saturday in the Vikings' third preseason game and that he and the team are taking things "day-to-day." Berrian said he is receiving "a lot of treatment" for the injury and that he spent much of last season undergoing similar treatments.

I know two of the injuries that seem to linger for a long time are turf toe and high ankle sprains.  They seem minor, but players seem to have a significatly hard time getting over them.  I recall Deion Sanders missing about half a season with turf toe and he was not right for a few games after getting back.

Berrian has a second case of turf toe in the last two years.  Could this lead to other related injuries that could slow him down.  Did the Bears get rid of him before they were stuck with the headache?

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