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Mark Anderson Is Having a Bad Year

As a rookie Mark Anderson came out and tallied 12 sacks and a second place finish in the Defensive Player of the Year Award behind Houston's DeMeco Ryans.  He was then given the starting end spot over Alex Brown.  Since then he has a close to disastrous season, then was benched in favor of the man he once replaced, now he had to have some surgery.  The surgery was however minor.

Defensive end Mark Anderson has undergone minor surgery to repair his injured right thumb, coach Lovie Smith said. Anderson is out for Thursday's game vs. San Francisco and Smith didn't provide a timeline for a return, but tried to emphasize it was a minor procedure.

It is not uncommon for linemen both defensive and offensive to play with their hands almost completely wrapped up, so unless this is just to painful I wouldn't think it keeps him from any playing time outside of pre season.