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The Quotable Bears

Well, we experienced an exciting and goofy preseason game last night. Our offense was spectacular (compared to previous Bears standards), the defense was awful, and our special teams was great without the performance of #23.

Here are some quotes from Lovie, Orton, Kevin Jones, Babich, Urlacher, Hillenmeyer, and Dvoracek:

Lovie on the offense:

"Very pleased. We've run the ball fairly well. Kyle Orton has done a great job managing the offense, and he's making the throws when he has to."

Orton on the offense:

"My entire focus is getting ready for Indianapolis and using the last two preseason games to accomplish that. I'm going to try to work as hard as I can. I think the guys have a lot of confidence in me. I've been around them a while and I'm working as hard as I can."

Lovie on Rashied Davis' performance:

"He's had an outstanding training camp and just became a new dad, so a lot of good things are happening in his life. It's hard for a guy to be perfect. But he made the plays. We need to see that. It's good to see a guy come up big like that."

Kevin Jones on his performance:

"I was happy to break out in the open and make a few cuts. Hopefully the fans enjoyed it. I'm just excited to be a part of the team moving forward. There was a little pressure I put on myself just to be back by this time. I've been working hard and it just feels good that the work is paying off. I had a lot of help getting here, though, so I just thank the people who helped me."

Lovie on the defense (and the biggest understatement of this very young century):

"We have to play better defense than that."

Bob Babich on the defense:

"We're very disappointed. That's not us, by any stretch of the imagination. We need to play better. We will be good defense. We will be a dominant defense."

Urlacher on the defense:

"I know it's the preseason, but we have to get better if we plan on winning some games. I don't know, we just haven't played well. They did whatever they wanted to. They ran it. They threw it. We missed tackles. At some point, we have to step up and start making plays. We have good practices, but then go out and play like crap."

Hillenmeyer on the defense:

"I don't remember being a part of a worse effort by a defense. I know I played poorly. Makes me sick to my stomach, the way we played."

Dusty Dvoracek on his performance:

"I felt good. It was nice to get out there with the guys and run around. I have fun when I'm out there. I love playing football. I hadn't had a whole lot of practice, so I thought I might be a little rusty. But after a couple plays it just kind of came right back to me, kind of like riding a bike."


Quotables from the WCG Game Thread:

"You mean our Chicago Swiss Cheese? Our hole in the dam, our Spaghetti strainer? Yea, that will be interesting." - WCG

"Last week he pulled that same pass, an absolute bullet juuuuust behind the receiver which makes the receiver look bad, like he can't handle Orton's arm but it's just bad timing from Kyle. Oh well. Viva la Ortonlución!" - emdub

"It seems like it takes our coaches a full year to do what we see as obvious so much sooner like Olsen and Clark on the field at the same time, screens to Wolfe, bring in more help on the line, fire Ron Turner, and stuff like that." - #23

"At least we have one good team in Chicago" - SamuraiMike50

"I've seen Haley's comet more often than Bradley" - SamuraiMike50

"Ok so Joe Buck is completely blind...Hester was all the way out of the endzone" - Scruffy Lefty

"Superman wears Israel Idonije pajamas" - SamuraiMike50


And finally, this picture was posted by thecip: