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Taking A Look At the 53-Man Roster

This Saturday all NFL teams need to have their roster down to 53 men.  Here is a look at what that roster will look similar to:

Wide receivers (5)

Locks: Rashied Davis, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett.

Dilemma: Cutting Bennett would make no sense for a draft-driven team, so that likely leaves two spots to split among Brandon Lloyd, Marty Booker and Mark Bradley.

Lloyd has been the most consistent of the three in the off-season but has been surprisingly quiet in games. Booker has yet to flip the switch, and it could cost him, even if he's the guy most likely not to drop the pass thrown on third-and-5. Bradley's 55-yard catch helped him with an organization that loves him.

If the Bears keep six receivers, all three can make the team. But how can they justify taking away a spot from linebacker, offensive line or defensive tackle?

Mike Hass will be better off going to an organization that finds a way to maximize his rare pass-catching ability.