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No Excuses From Mike Brown and Manning Story Untrue?

A lot of excuses have been made for the performance of the Bears defense this past game versus the 49ers, some by this site.  Bears S Mike Brown isn't buying any of them.

"That's not an excuse," the former Pro Bowl safety said.

It didn't rank up there with Brown saying his team stinks after a 1-3 start in 2005, but the message was clear. If the defense is going to carry the Bears again, improvement is needed.

Is it me or do the Bears have more straight shooters than other teams?   That is aside from upper management.  Between Urlacher and Brown somebody is always laying it out there.

Lovie Smith is disputing reports that Danieal Manning is out at the nickel.

"Danieal has received reps at only one position this entire year, and that's nickel," Smith said earlier this week. "Once we get in a game, could he be an emergency safety? Yes, he could. But he's playing nickel and that's where he's going to be."

Game 4 is on us and it is time for some players to step up and earn their spot.

Try telling defensive end Dan Bazuin or wide receiver Mark Bradley that Thursday night's exhibition finale at Cleveland means nothing. Let on-the-bubble guard Anthony Oakley or defensive tackle Matt Toeaina in on the secret too. Think quarterback Caleb Hanie agrees?