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Bears End Preseason With Win, Defeat Browns 16-10

Following the most hopeful the most of us have been with the QB position in awhile following Orton's performance versus the 49ers the Bears entered the last pre season game just looking not to get anybody hurt or kill any momentum they had built.

The made it out without any significant injuries that I had heard of, but whether they didn't kill momentum is up in the air.

Following a 250, 2TD half, Orton followed with a 4/7, 51 yard and 1 INT and a fumble.  The INT came on a play that seemed broke all around.

Grossman spelled Orton and threw for 1 TD along with 59 yards.

Hanie finished out the game with 115 yards and 1 INT.

Matt Forte and Kevin Jones played limited time.

So far as roster spots, Mark Bradley had a solid performance with 4 catches for 52 yards.

The Bears again started the game by letting the Browns run the ball all over town.

It really is hard to take anything from this game other than the play of the defense.  Not so much that they played bad, just that they played bad after all the talk of last week's game.  I thought they would have been a bit more fired up.