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Tillman's Time Off and Bears Defense

If you recall toward the beginning of training camp Charles Tillman was absent for personal reasons and none of us knew what those were.  He was out due to a serious medical condition with his daughter. He is set to finally talk about it today at 1:30.

Coach Lovie Smith and physicians from the hospital will accompany Tillman, who politely declined to discuss details of the matter Thursday before the Bears-Browns game.

"Mentally, it has been challenging for me and my family with all we've had to go through these past three months," he told WBBM-AM during a sideline interview.

In the same article it lists Lovie Smith as the 9th best coach in the league by an MSNBC poll.  The big reasoning is the amount of games won with the QBs we have had.

With the trade of Brett Favre it has left the NFC North with a QB group as a weak point.

The 2007 combined passer rating of all the quarterbacks in the NFC North this year was 78.

Bears coaches are left stunned by the play of their D and I think most of us are the same way.

The most numbing play of the night came on fourth-and-goal from the 1 when the Browns decided to go for it and give the defense an opportunity to finish with a big play. Instead, the Bears linebackers froze on a dive fake, and Browns third-string running back Jerome Harrison took a pitch and shook off the only defender who read the play, Kevin Payne, for the touchdown.

If unproven Jason Wright can average six yards per carry slithering through holes and make would-be tacklers look silly, what will the Colts' Joseph Addai do?

Watching the Bears try to defend against the Browns probably did more to make Peyton Manning's left knee feel better than any anti-inflammatory medicine could. No way Manning, who has started 160 straight games, will miss an opportunity to shred the once-vaunted Bears defense.