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Earl Bennett Having Troubles With Punts

Rookie reciever Earl Bennett has been impressive at the wide out spot, catching most anything thrown his way.  But once that ball gets up in the lights and gets an awkward spin on it he isn't so hot.

"It makes me a little nervous, and the wind out here is really strong," Bennett said, "but I just have to keep getting repetition at it."

Bennett has taken pointers from Devin Hester, the league's most dangerous return man. Hester urged Bennett to pay attention to the flags to get a feel for wind direction. That sounds simple, but Bennett returned only a few punts during his college career at Vanderbilt.

If Bennett wants to take advice from Devin Hester on returning then good for him, but Hester might not be the best person to listen to Hester when it comes to catching the ball.