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Chiefs Defeat Bears, Williams Lost!

They say that the score of the first game of the season means nothing and if only to highlight that, comes news that first round draft choice Chris Williams, the supposed savior of the Bears offensive line underwent surgery for a herniated disc.

Williams has been sidelined since sustaining a lower back strain July 24 in the second training camp practice. When the muscle issue subsided, the rookie left tackle was further evaluated. It was then that the disc problem was discovered. The procedure was performed by Dr. Sdrjan Mirkovic and Dr. Mark Bowen.

The Bears declined to give a timetable for Williams’ return, but indicated that they plan to keep the Vanderbilt product on the 53-man roster once the regular season begins.

The Bears offensive line is hurt all to hell.  I think it is time to place a few calls.  Ruben Brown and LeCharles Bentley are still sitting at home.  Maybe it is time to give them a place to play.

So far as the game goes, the Bears lost 24-20.  The NFLN replay starts at midnight, so I cannot give any specific thoughts other than to look at the stats, but do I really need to do more this time around.

Yes, the offensive line is banged up, but Orton and Grossman continued their whopping 5.something yards per pass.

The Bears new starting running back, rookie Matt Forte, ran for a 3.6 average, again who knows what that means when you consider the line.

The Bears need to regroup and start addressing this line or it won't matter how well our QB tandem or running backs want to play.