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QB Rumor #409 - Jon Kitna

Unlike most QB rumors this one is different only because I am starting it.  I imagine I'm not the first person to bring up the name, but I have yet to see it written anywhere.

This article summizes that the Detroit Lions might consider dumping Jon Kitna and go with Drew Stanton.  The logic is it would give Lions head coach Rod Marinelli more time and less pressure since they can say they are bringing up a new QB.

Nobody knows right now if Stanton can perform at this level, but it's also that air of uncertainty that makes him Rod Marinelli's trump card this season.

The Lions think they're a playoff team. Common sense suggests otherwise, and should the Lions once again live down to the general public's low expectations, Marinelli might replace Jon Kitna with Stanton as the starting quarterback.

I realize that this is a major long shot and it wouldn't even be a potential move until mid season at the earliest, but just look ahead.  Say Grossman and Orton cannot get the job done.  I don't think I am surprising anybody when I say the odds on that are not astronomical.  Would Kitna be a good move for the Bears?

Kitna has had his share of success in the NFL.  His last two seasons he has passed for over 4,000 yards.  In those two years he has thrown for 21 and 18 TD (also 20 and 22 INTs).  Including those two years he has 7 years over 3,000 yards and has an average per completion of 11.1 yards.  Compared to the 5 yards our QBs like that is a big improvement.  Now whether our receivers or line can do anything to make him a viable solution is anybody's guess at this time.

So the question to you, would you be interested in seeing Jon Kitna in Chicago should Rex and Kyle flop?