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Bears Want Their Respect and Danieal Manning, A Man Without A Position

Bears relish the chance to put all the medias advance trashing back in their face.  I'm not sure how I feel about this one.  On one hand whatever gets a team going great and many teams have made runs on the No Respect train and done well, but I'd like to think the Bears don't need to come back at journalists to get their validation that they are a better team than expected.  Just work hard and come out and play.  You'll get yours give it time.

Danieal Manning just doesn't seem to fit the Bears plan.

"My faith, my hard work, and just trying to be the ballplayer that I am, I let that all take care of itself," Manning said. "God's always going to make a way for me, regardless. I just have to keep putting the work in."

I feel sorry for the guy.  I like Manning and a lot of his problems are management's fault.  They never settled where they wanted to play him, so he never had an opportunity to just learn his position.  I can't imagine when his contract is up he is going to want to stay here.  Here the coaching staff is fickle.  Somewhere else I am sure they can find a permanent spot for him.