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Chicago Bears Sign Fred Miller

Last year Fred Miller was the goat of the offensive line and took the brunt of the blame and was released for it.  Then the line looked bad and people starting getting hurt and the Bears reached out to Miller.

The line looks to be coming around and now Fred Miller is being brought back into the mix.

Fred Miller turned down more money when the Bears signed him originally in 2005 and he will do the same thing this morning when he rejoins the team as a backup offensive tackle.

He will sign a one-year contract today, a source close to the player said, and is expected to be on the practice field this afternoon. Miller will become the third offensive tackle with the Bears apparently deeming experience necessary as rookie seventh-round pick Kirk Barton filled the role last week.

I'm much less upset with this than when the Bears first contacted Miller.  Then it was because we looked awful and needed the players.  Now the line looks better and Miller is coming in strictly for experience and depth.  The Bears have some young guys in the mix in Chris Williams, Josh Beekman and Kirk Barton and having a guy whose been around awhile and is familiar with the Bears offense can't hurt.  Now lets just hope we don't need to turn to him.

Miller's deal is for one year and unless injuries move him in to a starting role or the young guys don't come around he likely will only play out that one year.