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Moose and Week Two: WCG Weighs In

Per Vaughn McClure's article in the Trib, Moose denies ever criticizing the Bears' offense, the QB's, or management. I smell a complete lie, but that's just me.

Anyways, WCG and I are going to have a quick dialogue about Moose and the Panthers. We don't do these to look at our work online, we want to hear from you! At the very least, give us your prediction and why.

Muhsin Muhammad comes out and says that all of this is a huge
misunderstanding. Do you believe him?

WCG: If it was all in an article, then it should be easier to prove.  Other than that I really could care less.  We over-paid him past his prime and after an above average year for him.  He comes in and from what I read was not all that interested in helping out the young guys and led the league in dropped passes.  The only think he did was allow the fans to shout Moose when he did make a catch.

ChiFan13: Absolutely not. First, I'm sure he saw or heard about how angry and hungry the Bears defense was last Sunday night. He was scared as hell about going over the middle or catching in traffic when he was with us, you really think his tension will go away thinking about Lance Briggs (or anyone else) crushing him? There have been articles written that have shown Moose's criticism. He's a has-been that wanted to go back to the glory days, and he blamed his poor play on someone else instead of looking in the mirror.

Do you view him as much of a threat on Sunday?

WCG: Not likely.  Delhomme has to throw to somebody, but I don't expect Muhammad to beat us.

ChiFan13: No. Not at all. Unless he figured out how to catch, he's not going to beat us. Dante Rosario might, but Moose won't.

Let's pull a page from Morrissey's book and offer some civilian predictions on the game: Who will win, and what will be the key factors?

WCG: Chicago will win, I'll say 24-16.  No real reason.  It all starts with Matt Forte.  Its great if our defense can hold everybody to 16 points, but if the offense can only score 10 we still lose.  If Forte can continue what he did last week and keep this offense moving the chains and we can make good use of the field position Hester affords us, we should take this one.

ChiFan13: Chicago will win 28-13. I think there are two key factors: Matt Forte and our D. If our defense is hungry like it was against the Colts and puts heavy pressure on Delhomme, that puts us at an advantage already. Matt Forte has to continue to pound the ball and milk the clock. If we can do those two things, I think we can get out of Carolina with a win.