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Chicago Bears VS. Carolina Panthers - 2nd Half Game Thread

1st half studs:

Matt Forte - Hasn't scored, but kept drives alive and milked the clock.

Kyle Orton - He gets it because he hasn't done anything to lose the game for us.

Brandon Lloyd - Slowly shaking the "best practice player" reputation.

1st half duds:

Brandon McGowan - Come on bro, two illegal blocks on ST? You're better than that.

Greg Olsen - Really only putting him here because no one else has been doing bad.

The "Here's your sign" award goes to:

.....Carolina's entire team. They've made a ton of stupid penalties.

The All-World complainer award goes to:

Jake Delhomme. Don't complain to the officials about penalties when your team can't figure it out. Anger's an ugly color on you, Jakey.