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Bears Drop The Ball, Lose to the Panthers 20-17

The Bears had the lead for most of the game and from what I've heard the Panthers were on the verge of a complete implosion, yet half time came and gone and the Panthers regrouped and pulled this one out.

Once again the Bears show that with an only average QB and a below average offensive coordianator that they can snatch defeat from the hands of victory.

At one point Kyle Orton's completion rating looked good, I believe it was 14/19, but he finishes with 19/32 for a 149 yards.

Forte also started off the game well and was fighting hard.  He finished with 92 yards and a 4 yard average.

Special Teams again had some shining moments, but McGowan also made sure it stunk up the joing.

Stay tuned for a full recap later tonight.