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The Quotable Bears (Week Two)

Nothing more to say about the game, so let's just get right into the good stuff: 

Lovie Smith on the game:

"A disappointing loss. Whenever you have control of the football game like that, you've got to be able to finish. It’s about finishing the football game. You have to give the Panthers a lot of credit. They finished the game. We had momentum for most of the game, but they hung in there. We talk about securing the football, and we didn’t do that today. Those turnovers really hurt us. Coming in, that’s what we know both defenses live by, stripping the ball. We have to protect the ball better than that."

Lovie Smith on God’s status:

"It’s a rib injury and that’s about all we know right now. He couldn’t finish the football game. It’s cause for concern whenever you don’t finish."

Lovie on Ron Turner, Boy Genius’ 3rd and 1 call (if he was surprised):

"Yes, and surprised it didn't work."

 Boy Genius on his famous 3rd and 1 call:

"He saw the safety come down. He probably thought he was a little tighter than what he was. I could have just called it and not given him that option [to throw the ball] on it and it would have helped."

Orton on Boy Genius’ call:

"It was a run play and I had an opportunity to kick it out to the wide receiver and probably should have just handed the ball off."

Booker on the Boy Genius’ call:

"Coulda, shoulda, woulda. If 'if' was a fifth, we'd all be drunk. That's how it goes."

Orton on the outcome:

"We did the things that we didn’t do last week. To beat a tough team on the road, you can’t turn the ball over, you can’t have penalties, and when the plays are there, you have to make them. We felt like we needed one big drive to put the game away. We had chances the entire game to put the game away, and when the time came, we didn’t make the plays and they did. Give them a lot of credit. They’re a good football team, a good defense, and they beat us. I have to look to myself, get back to work and try to get better."

Orton on the Marty Booker pass:

"I was mad because I made a great read on it, we had the protection, and Marty ran a great route. We just missed it."

Olsen on his performance:

"I don't really have an explanation. … They were two things that pretty much were close to costing us the game. It's unacceptable. You let down a team of guys who played well. Anytime you have two critical errors that lead to your team losing, it's tough to swallow. We talk about ball security, and I didn't hold up my end of it."

Forte on his performance:

"I want the ball every play. You know I want the ball when it's fourth-and-1 or when it's first-and-10. I want the ball all the time so I can make a play."

Urlacher on the D:

"The second half we gave up some plays. We just didn't tackle at times, and they took advantage. We've got to make plays late in the game. Any time you give up yards it [ticks] you off."

Kreutz on his performance:

"I've got to get movement on the nose guard and I didn't."

Briggs on Jonathon Stewart’s performance:

"Jonathan Stewart was running the ball hard the way he’s supposed to. As a defense we’re supposed to prevent him from making the yardage that he did, and we didn’t do that."

Chris Harris on the Briggs hit:

"I felt it should have been a penalty but it wasn't. I told them we're not taking it. It turned into more than a game at that. Guys were upset. After that we got after it."

Quotables from the WCG Game Thread:

“I thought Wilber Marshall blocked the punt….Good ol number 58” – beardown

“Man our offense is so bad, we won’t even give them the ball. LOL” - #23

“Can Delhomme whine any more today?” – tfrabotta

“A lot of severe man crushes are growing as this game goes on. Payne, Lloyd, and Forte have been awesome” – dakoose

“Why is Orton trying to throw like Grossman?” – cwyers

“Everyone had Carolina favored by 3 ½ and the experts were mostly taking Carolina and the points” - #23

            “Experts – shaky word” – tfrabotta

“Is this officially more yards than Moose had for the Bears the whole time he was with us?” – cwyers

“Briggs is gonna be in Delhomme’s dreams tonight!” – dakoose

“Plenty of goddamn time – why the hell aren’t we running it?” – iowabear

“HOW DO YOU GIVE IT TO THE FULLBACK!!!!!!!!!” – tempchad