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The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Bears vs. Panthers

The Good

Not much good came from this game, but we can run down the short list:

- Kyle Orton didn't throw any interceptions or lose any fumbles

- Matt Forte still looks good running the ball

- Brandon Lloyd is showing that he can play outside of practice, and he's a pretty good ST player

- 1st half defense. The defense was hungry and played like it.

Roll Call Winner-  Yesterday it was a two person race as #23 edged our ChiFan13 by a tally of 106 to 105.

The Bad


There wasn't much bad about this game. Some was good and a lot of ugly.

- The huge numbers of penalties, many were extremely inexcusable

- Devin Hester got hurt. I don't need to say anything more


The Ugly

This list just hurts:

- Ron Turner's play calling. I'm not just talking about his last series, but overall. There was not a lot of variety, which let the defense key in on what we were doing

- Kyle Orton showed his horrendous accuracy on intermediate and long range passes. We could have won the game or gotten to a point where we could have tied it if he would have made even one of those throws

- Brandon McGowan went stupid on ST

- Our second-half defense. We played well during the first half, then we were hit or miss in the second half

- The last offensive series. We had three chances to get one yard and got a goose egg. There's absolutely no reason for that

(WCG: Not that this changes anything, but on the 3rd and 1 at the end of the game the primary call was to run  Forte, Kyle Orton seeing Chris Harris moving toward the line changed the call and instead threw it to Marty Booker)

- Greg Olsen's two fumbles. The second one was a game changer