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Post Game Notes

Stating the Obvious

Judging from Jason McKie's story it sounds like the Panthers knew what the Bears were going to run on that late game 4th and 1.

''It was tough, man,'' McKie said. ''They had a good defense called. They knew that play was coming. We ran it a couple times during the game. That's something that we have to get, third-and-1s, fourth-and-1s. We have to convert that.''

What was a giveaway was the Bears brought in their heavy personnel, including rookie tight end Kellen Davis, from the sideline. McKie had carried the ball earlier on first-and-goal from the 1.

So everybody knew the play we were running and we ran it anyways?  Brilliant!

Manning Up

Danieal Manning could see action if Brandon McGowan's sprained ankle is not ready and also more return time if Devin Hester can't go.

Payne in Carolina's Side

Strong safety Kevin Payne was credited with a team-high 13 tackles following coaches' review of film. Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek made nine. Linebackers Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher had five each.

Me Jake, You Jane!

Apparently Carolina cryer Jake Delhomme got in Urlacher's face while doing his best Tarzan impersonation.

The hit seemed to energize Delhomme, who jumped to his feet and pounded his chest while engaging in a conversation with Brian Urlacher.

"I told him to get off the field," Urlacher said. "It would have been different had they gotten the first down. Then I would have been ticked. But it was fourth down so, 'Go to the sideline. Your field-goal team is coming in.' "