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INTERVIEW - Brad Biggs

I had the pleasure of talking with Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times late Tuesday night.  He runs the Inside the Bears blog for the paper's web site.  Let me start by saying this was by far the best interview I'd ever given or taken.  Brad was an easy to talk to guy and I actually found myself verring off of the questions I wrote just wanting to continue more into the topics we were on.

This interview is not word for word.  I couldn't type fast enough to keep up, but the opinions expressed are accurate.  I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your thoughts.

Two games in we have seen two sides of Kyle Orton.  Against the Colts he played game manager and did well.  Toward the end of the Panthers game we needed more from him and he showed he could not throw the long ball accurately and the team was hurt because of it.  Is Kyle Orton the best guy for the job and how far do you think he can take us?

Yes, he is the best guy for the job.  Orton had  Booker and barely missed hooking up on the long ball.  He probably would have scored.  He at  least tried to take some deep shots.  Orton's performance wasn't really different then the Colts.  Greg Olsen's fumbles are really what undid us.  Had he held on Orton's number would include some more yards and potentially a few TDs, then he wouldn't be taking such criticism.

Orton made a bad decision with an almost int.   What needs to happen is they have to develop an intermediate game.  Davis numbers were not what they should be.  They need to start working down the field, involving Olsen.  This will be tough against the Bucs.  They defend the pass well.

Tampa can be beaten with the TEs.  Kyle has a groove with Lloyd and the tight ends.  Fumbles by Olsen was disconcerting, they weren't caused they were carelss.  He didn't secure the ball..

He seemed to have a connection with Davis in the pre season , I would have expected to see more from him and Orton. 

I think Rashied Davis is the best in the slot.

So they need to move Hester to #2 or down the depth chart? 

They have to find the right place for him.  They are not hitting their mark of touches a game.  An end around to Rashied, that was well designed, in open space, they need to find a way to get Hester the ball other than the screens.

The pass game had positives.

Matt Forte looks to be all everybody expected.  How well do you think he can do behind this line and with a pass game that may or may not be working from game to game?

Forte is running with vision.  He has a good feel about how things are going to setup.  He has a good idea of where the defense is going to be.  He is much more intiutive than Cedric, but it will  take time.

They don't need him to be great to be successful.  He needs to be dependable and needs to pick be able to pick up blocks make some yards on his own.  He will be alright. I'm Impressed so far.

Staying on the offensive side of the ball.  How bad did the Bears hurt themselves by letting Bernard Berrian go and not finding a true #1 receiver?

Yes, they have a poor crew of receivers.  That is why it is difficult to hang a lot of what is happening with the passing game on Kyle.  Even if they wanted to go after another receiver.  Who were you going to go get?  Moss was never coming to Bears.  Parick Crayton signed early.  That left Bryant Johson or DJ Hackett and they wouldn't be #1 receivers.   When they say wide receiver by committee, it means we are rolling with a bunch of 3s.  It is difficult, WR is more prone to first round busts, but they do need a receiver a #1.

Moving forward shouldn't the Bears at least have looked at guys in a bad situation like Ocho Cinco and Boldin? 

Boldin is a great recieving, he is very physical.  The problem is the free agent system.   They have to want to come.  Farve doesn't want to come to Chicago.  He is going to look at it and see he is going to be handing off to rookies and throwing to rookies.  If Chad came here he would be hot being here in a matter of days.  You almost have to draft a guy.  The have to make judgement on Orton right now.  He is signed through 2009.  You have to make the descion at the end of the season and if he is the guy you have to sign him to another contract.  If they don't they are telling him they don't have any confidence in him.  We need to see more.

Jerry Angelo has a rep for building through the draft.  Will we have to go through the Hanie years or the Tebow years or will they ever just go out and get the guy?

Who are they going to get?  Brady Quinn.  Why?  

 What about Derek Anderson?

Why would they trade him?  If they trade him it is because he crashed and burned.

So realistically we have to hope Angelo drafts the right guy and wait at least 2 to 3 more years until we have a franchise QB?


Since he became the Bears Offenisve coordinator, Ron Turner has taken his share of criticism.  He added to that this past weekend with some questionable calls on a 3rd and 1 and a 4th and 1 late in the game.  Is Ron Turner good enough or creative enough to get this offense sailing?

Well, you have to look at the pieces he has to work with.  It isn't Turner's fault that our offensive line got old semmingly over night.  Angelo didn't take many linemen in the first 3 rounds for the majority of his time here.

The majority of the resources have gone into the defense.  Their model is to win on defense and special teams and run game.

Teams like Baltimore and Tampa Bay have won Super Bowls with that model, but Dilfer and Johnson were decent QBs and had some really big games and made some really big throws. Do they thing Orton can be a Difer?

They are hoping Kyle can be better than Dilfer.  It will have to be examined  after the season.  He is still a guy who hasn't made that many starts.  They have to see where they are at and if they are on the right past. 

Do you think Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith are on the hot seat?  Would a deep run in the playoffs take them off?

I don't think they do.  Lovie is signed through three years after this.  Signed through 11, Angelo signed through 2013.   That is what they are used to, not fixing the QB, situation.  I dont' think that will happen.  The McCaskey's dont' have a history of eating contracts like that.  They were in a Super Bowl a few years back. 

Most thought the Bears could come out of the first 4 games 0-4.  If we come out 2-2, how likely they make a run for the playoffs?

We have to see about what they do in the diviions.  But consider they would be in decent position.  They should be able to control their own destiny.

Speaking of the division, looking at Minnesota.  Is Tavaris Jackson just that bad? 

Well he isn't that good.  I don't know enough about him to say how bad.  Vikes can go as far as Jackson can't hold them back.  The oline will get better.  McKinnie will be back.  Taylor is the best #2 back in the game.  They signed Bernard to loosen up the offense, but Jackson has to be able to take advantage of that.  I wouldn't write them off.  Ferrotte could do well.  With Adrian Peterson they will always be dangerous.

This week the Bears welcome Tampa Bay to Solider Field for their first home game of the season.  The Bucs are led by Bears castoff Brian Griese.  The Bucs have looked strong so far this year.  What will be the key to the game for the Bears to get a win?

They have to be able to run the football and get a little pressue.  The Bucs WR situation isn't as bad as the Bears, but they are old and banged up.   They need to run the ball and think they can do.  Play good field position.  The over under has to be low 30s.  It is a game where somebody will have to make a play to win it.  Griese is a decent QB,  because he knows what he can't do.  You talk to scounts, the big problem with a lot of QBs is that they don't know their limitations.  They try things and hope they blow up on them.  Griese played against the Bears D, so he knows the defense.  It will be interesting.  Not surprised they went with him,  they never wanted to get rid of him.  It was just a salary cap issue.  The have a very good defense.  They can create some turnovers.  Brooks is not the player he once was.  Monte Kiffin  is a remarkable defensive coordinator.