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More On Buenning

I tapped our Bucs blogger for a quick run down on recently aquired Dan Buenning.  Here is what he had to say.

We drafted Buenning back in '05 and he immediately received playing time and started much of his rookie season. In '06 he was a stud until he injured his knee about mid-season. Since that injury he's really had a difficult time finding his footing. He sat out all of '07 and really struggled this off-season to even provide depth along the line....

Dan's only 26 so he should be able to overcome his recent struggles. He played primarily at Guard for us, but attempted to become the back-up center to Jeff Faine this off-season. With Davin Joseph going down at RG a battle immediately brewed between Buenning and Rookie Jeremy Zuttah to handle the work load. Jeremy won hands down..

I think Buenning could do good with a change of scenery, but he's got to bounce back from his injuries to prove his worth.. He's been getting pushed around alot, but i thought he was certainly serviceable at Center during the Pre-Season... I guess Gruden and Company didnt agree...
Its fair to say that the Bears are looking for depth not a new starter, but they might get lucky here.  Hopefully Buenning has time to find his footing and get comfortable.  He isn't going to take over for Olin Kruetz any time soon, but there might be a chance to work his way into the starting line up.  Terrence Metcalf ain't the answer to any question and the jury is still out on Josh Beekman.