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Bears Lose 4th Quarter Lead...Again, Lose to Bucs 27-24 (OT)

Kyle Orton had what might be his best day numbers wise as a pro, at least in the second half, but the Bears manage to give away another game.

Orton ended with 268 yards  and gets his first 2 TDs as well as his first 2 INTs of the season, granted one of them was more on the reciever.

Forte had another all around good day with 151 total  yards and a TD, but gave up the first interception in the end zone.

The defense ended the game winded and couldn't really stop anything.  They got lucky on a intentional grounding call that gave them the ball in OT, but couldn't do anything with it and gave it back to the Bucs who drove down for an field goal.

The Bears former QB Brian Griese looked ugly at times and great at others.  He ended with 407 yards, 2TDs and 3 INTs.

What is your take?