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The Good, Bad and Ugly - Bears Vs. Bucs


Second half Kyle Orton.  For the first time Orton showed he could actually be a QB who could win a game.  At one stretch he was 12/13 with 160 yards and 2 TDs.  Of course he didn't finish that way, but he did show it.

Matt Forte.  I still don't know yet if Matt Forte is going to be a Super Star, but he sure is a work horse for us.  Forte had 89 yards on the ground and 66 yards receiving and a TD and  could have been more.

Brandon Lloyd.  The Bears finally had something that resembled a passing offense with Orton hooking up with Lloyd 6 times for 124 yards and a TD.

Bears run defense.  After getting gashed in the preseason, the Bears run defense again turns in a stellar performance.  The only allowed 47 yards and 17 to lead back Ernest Graham.

Bears takeaways.  After taking last year off of being a great defense the Bears are back on the horse with their takeaways.  They had 3 INTs and 1 fumble recovery.

Roll Call:  This week was a one horse race.  bs.uf15bosox9bears23 came in with 177 comments.  The closest behind were aznsensation with 79 and torch with 70.


The Bears passing defense gave up 407 yards to F'n Brian Greiese.  Come on guys!  Many Up!  Don't we have one of the better 1-2 corner back combos in the leauge?  Didn't we say Tillman is the most underrated CB in the league?  Don't we have Mike Brown back and healthy?  What gives?

Tommie Harris.  So Mr. Harris got his big contract, now what?  He is just going to sit there and rest on his laurels?  I know he is the big man now and everybody is focusing on him, but they do that for every star, yet they seem to still get their sacks and pressures.  Tommie needs to pick up his game.  The Bears had 0 sacks.

Somebody or everybody on this team needs to be taken behind the woodshed.  To lose in two consecutive games with late leads is inexcusable.  We have outplayed the last two teams and whether it was fumbles or ints in the end zone or penalties, we have to tighten this up.


Danieal Manning.  Eventhough he had 108 yards on 4 returns, he made a boneheaded move.  After the ball bounced over his head and went into the endzone, Manning collected it paused and ran it out getting tackled before the 20.  He has to realize not everybody is Devin Hester.  Even Hester can't be Hester all the time.

Just curious.  Garrett Wolfe runs the ball one time and picks up 38 years, so we never go to him again?  I understand he is a situational back, but if he caused the Bucs problems on that play, I don't know maybe try him again at some point.

First half Kyle Orton.  If it hadn't been for Tyler Thigpen over KC, Orton might have had the worst numbers of any QB after one half of playing.