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Time For Lovie To Drop The Hammer

Muletrain dropped this one in the comments section:

The Country Club atmosphere...

that Lovie created has resulted in a bunch of softies, especially on defense.

To extend on that more there is at least one more who is calling for Lovie to stop babying these players.

Fear is a wonderful deterrent. And the time has come for Bears coach Lovie Smith to put some fear into his team and punish cornerback Charles Tillman, whose absurd personal foul in overtime Sunday effectively cost the Bears a game. Tampa Bay was stopped on third-and-nine from its own 8, facing a punt from the shadow of its goalpost against a special-teams unit known for blocks and returns, when Tillman picked up a dead-ball penalty that gave the Bucs new life.

Coach Smith does have some history here in benching players to make a point, but he hasn't done it in some time.  The Bears are not 3-0 because they have made some stupid and careless plays.  Last week it was a slightly overthrown ball and a couple of fumbles.  This week it was a TD taken away for an INT and a bad play by  Tillman.

I don't know if the answer is to fine guys or take away the start, but Lovie needs to crack down on players making these mistakes.  Maybe he just needs to run the dumb out of them.