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The Brian Brohm Question

I know there are still questions concerning Kyle Orton's future with the Bears. Some of you have already condemmed him or at least stated that you don't think he is the future.

I was browsing some articles written around the SB Nation and I came across this one by Arrowhead Pride, the Kansas City Chiefs blog. The article concerns the theory that the Chiefs should make a move for Brian Brohm. With Aaron Rodgers playing out of his mind right now, it is fair to say that Brohm will at most finish his rookie contract with the Packers. If the Pack is sure that Rodgers is their man they might consider trading Brohm before his contract is up.

Arrowhead had this to say:

Going into the 2007 season, Brian Brohm was being touted as the "can't miss" prospect for the 2008 draft. He was the son of a former Louisville quarterback (Oscar Brohm) and the brother of another (Jeff, who'd also played in the NFL). He'd averaged 3,000 yards, 17 TDs (and only 5 INTs) per year, with a 66% completion percentage. Under the tutelage of Bobby Petrino, Brohm had turned Louisville into a football powerhouse, with Brohm and Michael Bush leading a potent attack. Basically, Brohm was Peyton Manning with a solid but unspectacular arm and was projected to go in the top 10 of the draft (possibly ending up with his old mentor, Bobby Petrino, in Atlanta). A year later, he was a second round pick, after which he got buried as the 3rd stringer on a depth chart behind a far less touted rookie. So what happened during that time?

I recall from the draft lead up and post that a lot of people were drooling over Brohm. So what is your take?