Move Urlacher to saftey? Find his apprentice?

Here we go people on ESPN calling the Bears Defense old.  

Just an idea.Or if you're from the East coast an idearrrrrr. I  know this would never happen but I thought about this during the preseason and kinda liked the idea of just letting Urlacher loose to F'up  some wideouts or some running back. 

My thing is I don't see the same player from a few years ago. I really think Urlacher has lost his edge. His tackling has looked poor at times.  

I remember the Urlacher that would come out of nowhere like a cheetah built like mac truck.  I just don't see that superstar effect anymore that made this defense so powerful. Don't get me wrong he's still their best player but I think this move would give him a chance to kill. He's getting older and mucking him up in the middle seems to hinder his talent. 

maybe like......

Brown, Urlacher

Peanut, Vasher

Hunter, Briggs, Williams

Adewale, Harris, Dusty, Alex B. 

The truth is YES this Defense is getting older BUT look at what one good draft pick could do for a unit i.e. Matt Forte. 

So find Urlacher's apprentice and revamp this defense. Or we can have more of the same bend but don't break until your gassed at the end of the game defense.

I want a defense that scares teams again. 

Yes the Bears need a QB and WR thats the top of the list but Urlacher is in his twilight as far as an every down game changer. 

I think it's time to plan for Urlacher and Mike Brown's replacements. Maybe moving him to safety could give the defense a new look while giving his apprentice reps. 


PS Olin Kreutz is washed up!


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