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Goal Line Stand Seals Victory, Bears Beat Eagles 24-20

If the Bears are going to make habit of this type of game, I will need to switch to Diet Tab and rice cakes instead of pizza and chilli dip, because I might not be able to take it.

Perhaps we should petition the league to make every Bears game a Sunday night game, they seem to come out strong when we are in primetime.  While there was a lot of bad in this game you have to like were we are sitting.  We are currently at 2-2, tied with the Packers for first in the NFC North.  And despite what our second half offense looked like we are not going to face a defense that comes as heavy and hard as this the rest of the year. The Vikings, Jaguars and Titans all have good defenses, but they don't generate as much of a pass rush as the Eagles do.  The Bears next 4 games are Atlanta and Vikings sandwiched by two with Detroit.   Those are all winnable games.

To think the Bears are 2-2 and thier two wins are over Philly and Indy, how strange is that?


Quarterback:  Kyle Orton finished the day with 198 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INTs.  Orton came out strong and most of those numbers aside from the INTs are from the first half.  You could argue one of those INTs was not on him, but he did overthrow a few plays that would have iced this thing early, but he did make some big throws.  All total he had an above average game due to the TD total, but he still needs to play more consistent and find a way to hit those deep throws.

Running Back:  You could not have expected much from the run game.  The Eagles do have the best run defense in the league, but Forte had some big plays when it mattered.  He had a reception  to extend a drive that was big and he had the big run at the end to give the Bears a first down and keep the Eagles off the field.  He ended with 43 yards rushing on 19 carries for a 2.3 average.  He also led the Bears in receiving with 5 catches for 43 yards.  Kevin Jones had one big play, but the only thing we will remember is the ugly hand off/fake between him and Orton that led to a fumble.

Wide receivers/Tight Ends:  Anytime this group makes any showing it is a good thing.  Brandon Lloyd left with an injury hopefully he can be ready next week.  Greg Olsen had 4 catches for 35 yards and a TD.  Devin Hester and 3 catches for 37 and a TD and Marty Booker had one catch for 23 yards and aTD.



Regardless of whatever bad I could come up with it is wiped away by the 4th quarter goal line stand.  The Bears stopped the Eagles on the 1 yard line 3 straight plays to ice this game.  That has to be a big confidence boost.  The Bears do need to find a way to get some more pressue.  Donovan McNabb had way too much time back there most of the night.  The Bears did finish with 3 sacks and 1 INT, but McNabb was tap dancing behind that line tonight.  The sacks were by Idonije, Hillenmeyer and Wale and Manning combined for the last.  The INT was by Kevin Payne.

Both cornerbacks, Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher did not finish the night.  Tillman has a shoulder injury, he tried to come back for one play, but left after that play.  I haven't heard anything yet on Vasher. 

The Bears D got weak against the run when Buckhalter came back in, he finished with 66 yards.  They still need to tighten up the 4th quarter defense.  Until the offense can finish, these games are going to fall on the shoulders of the defense.


Devin Hester made his return and for the most part did not have a lot to do.  He did have a late run back 51 yards.  He also had a strange run back after letting the ball go past him, he picked it up and ran with it.  I think the though process here was he expected it to go into the end zone, but when he realized it didn't, he decided to grab it and try to pick up some yards. 

Coverage was ok, but could have been better.  The Eagles did find some room for some return yards.

Robbie Gould was 1/1 on a 44 yarder and Brad Maynard had 8 punts averaging 44..3 yards, but did have a really good punt at the end to make a comeback by the Eagles that much harder.