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Status of Tommie Harris and Safety Positions Battle

Players like Tommie Harris and Mike Brown were held out of the Bears last exhibition game to keep them healthy, but Harris hasn't practiced since the third game.  His status is unknown.

A source said the Bears' medical staff has expressed concern Harris' knee injury might be more serious than the team first thought, but team officials rejected that idea Tuesday night. It was pointed out that similar concerns were raised last season about Harris' health after he sprained his left knee against Dallas, but he was in action for the next game Sept. 30 at Detroit.

Bears still trying to figure out their safety depth chart.

"We haven't necessarily locked it in," said Bears coach Lovie Smith.

"Around Wednesday or so we'll kind of come out with our starting lineup. Both guys will play a lot for us, I'll say that. Both will be on the field at some point."

Don't look know, but it is the 4-year anniversary of the Marty Booker/Adewale Ogunleye trade.

'I don't really think about it, but I did this year because Marty is here on the team now,'' Ogunleye said. ''It was a bad situation for him, and I was coming into a much better situation. Miami was a catastrophe. It was just a bad, bad place at the time. I am so happy to be here. Every time I see Jerry [Angelo] and Lovie [Smith], I thank them. Miami is a great place to live, but it hasn't been a good place to play football.''