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Bears News and Notes

*** Despite everything ending correctly punter Brad Maynard was supposed to kick that last punt of the night out of bounds.  Instead he hit a whopping 58 yarder in play.

'Was it 58?'' Maynard said. ''That's awesome. I probably outkicked the coverage a little. That wasn't really my concern. Dave wanted it out of bounds. Obviously, I should have done that. That's what he asked me to do.

''My biggest concern was catching the ball. A lot of times when I punt directionally, I take a split second right after I catch the ball to look up and get my line to know where I am walking. All I was thinking about was catching [the ball] and getting it out of there as fast as I could, so I didn't really have time to look at the line.''

*** Maybe I missed the memo but when did Nick Roach become a better option than Hunter Hillenmeyer and Jamar Williams?

Jamar Williams tried to bite his tongue, but the Bears linebacker couldn't disguise his latest frustration.

With Hunter Hillenmeyer struggling the first three games, the coaching staff decided to give another linebacker a chance with the first team: Nick Roach, not Williams.

"It's very frustrating because you want to play," Williams said Monday. "You want to do whatever you can to help this team win and just show your skills. But at the same time, it's a business. I have to respect the decisions that are made."

*** Charles Tillman, Nathan Vasher and Brandon Lloyd all hurt. Tillman with a hurt shoulder and Lloyd with a hurt knee are still questionable.  Vasher despite the injury finished the game.

As for Tillman, he returned to action for a series after hurting his shoulder but was too sore to continue.

Smith said there was no hesitation to reinsert him. And he didn't believe the injury was related to a shoulder problem Tillman had in 2005.

"That's a long time ago, 2005," Smith said. "I can talk a little bit on 2008. I just know that he's been healthy and that he hurt his shoulder [Sunday] night. And luckily it wasn't anything