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Charles Tillman, King of the Takeaway

Think back.  Doesn't it seem that anytime the Bears need a big play Charles Tillman's name pops up?  Tillman seems to have a way of creating takeaways at the most opportune times.  In fact since Tillman entered the league in 2003 his 12 forced fumbles is second to only Nate Clements 13 and given Clements current contract I'd say we are getting the better of that deal.

“I can definitely say that,” Smith said. “It’s easy for me to comment on that. ‘Peanut’ does it every day in practice. The entire time I’ve been here with him, he has a knack for doing it.”

Rather it was stripping Marvin Harrison this Sunday or stripping two balls last year with the Packers in scoring position or picking off a Detroit pass for a TDa few years back, Tillman is the Bears best ballhawk.

Tillman does not receive nearly the credit he deserves, even around these parts he catches his share or criticism.