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Let The QB Talk Begin

Now that we have this pesky Rod Marinelli situation straightened out, we can focus on more important things, like who is this mysterious 'competition' Jerry Angelo is going to bring in for Kyle Orton.

We obviously will have to wait and see, but Byron Leftwich is willing to be that guy.

 ''I'm a fan of Lovie Smith, I'll just say that. I thought that was where I was going to go in the beginning. I remember hoping that I would go there. I just wanted to be a part of the tradition, the history of the Bears. You're growing up, watching games at Soldier Field on TV, I wanted to be a part of that coming out. I thought there was a chance I would go there.

End Result is whether he means it or not, is he has a better chance of starting in Chicago than Pittsburgh.  I don't know enough about this guy to know if he is worth the pick up or if he has any chance of beating out Orton.  He played well enough in backing up Big Ben during the season, but he did get run out of Jacksonville.  

What is your take on this guy?