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Lovie Smith To Take Increased Role With Defense

This is Lovie Smith's defense, so who better to call plays than him?  Appranently, not Bob Babich.  While not an outright demotion as Babich maintains the title of defensive coordinator, Coach Smith has vowed to take a more hands on approach to prepping and play calling of the defense.

As first first reported by SackMan:

Smith said he plans to help Babich with coordinating the defense.

``I'm excited about taking a more hands-on approach,'' Smith said of getting the defense back to where it used to be.

Babich will still maintain some responsibilites of defensive coordinator, but he will also move back and reclaim his role as linebackers coach.  This spot is available after the firing of Lloyd Lee.  This also means the Bears will not make the mistake of hiring Joe Berry, which has been rumored for some time.

Lovie is really getting to ground zero.  He and Jerry Angelo have to turn this ship around now if they want to keep their jobs.  This would account for Angelo's sudden calling out of the QB position and Lovie Smith's getting involved.  Smith made a name for himself as a defensive coordinator with the St. Louis Rams, so he comes in with experience, which is what was mainly missing that last few years.