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McNabb, Warner Are Not Options

After Bears GM Jerry Angelo all but said he was looking for competition at the QB spot, the Coach Lovie Smith and Angelo have all but backed off that statement.

"First of all, I don't think Jerry [Angelo] said that our No. 1 priority was that," Smith said Tuesday. "Jerry [said] he needed to see more from Kyle [Orton].

"You heard my statements, our statements, Ron [Turner's] statements, all of us. And Jerry's saying the same thing: We like what Kyle Orton was able to do this past year. I think our quarterback position is in the best shape it's been in going into the off-season."

So basically what they are telling us is they will be looking for depth and someone to replace Rex Grossman on the sideline, so no McNabb, no Warner and no Kerry Collins.

We are looking at a Chris Simms type addition.